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My name is Jessica Lynn and I’m an aspiring photographer. I'm 26 with absolutely no photo classes under my belt besides some dental imaging ones. I started out with film SLR which really made me appreciate the need to set up good shots as to not waste film (and money). I live in the suburbs of Chicago and am lucky enough to have a family that loves to travel. Because of them I was able to travel to Tahiti, which really strengthened my photo skills. I now have a digital SLR and have begun to go hog-wild taking as many pictures as I possibly can. I plan on spending many weekends downtown Chicago and at neighboring photogenic places :)

OLD CAMERA (x->Feb 2006): N70 (film). After getting the film developed I have it transfered to digital media so I can edit the pictures. I typically use ISO 100 or 200 film, depending on the situation. I also have a D70s which I usually keep a spare lens on.

NEW CAMERA: Nikon D200

LENSES: Sigma 28-90mm, Sigma Fixed 105mm AF, Nikon Fixed 50mm, Tokina fixed 150mm(film lens). Nikon Fixed 10.5mm (fisheye) and the Nikon kit lens 18-70mm
BAG: crumpler "6 million dollar home"

The best way to reach me, if you have any quesitons or comments is my email:

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